Waterproof flooring is a great way to get the farmhouse look in your home. This trend is perfect for so many reasons and is easy to establish.

There are plenty of other benefits available in this flooring line as well. And here are some facts about the trend that can work for your home.

What is a farmhouse look?

The farmhouse look incorporates design options like rustic appeal, simple features, and practicality. Some homeowners lean more towards a natural wood emphasis with rustic elements.

Others may draw in the farmhouse appeal with paint, wire, stone, and other waterproof vinyl flooring elements. You can blend vintage and modern looks and remain in this decor trend.

Consider these colors for a great farmhouse look

Neutral colors are the best choice for many homeowners. These hues include white, gray, and beige and can incorporate blue, green, and red.

The neutral base allows you to build up your style and trendiness. Either way, you take the farmhouse look; this neutrality can change everything.

Farmhouse-style varieties you might enjoy

There is no single farmhouse look that encompasses everything. There are other waterproof flooring styles or types of farmhouse decor that you might prefer, and include:

  • Colonial farmhouse
  • Country farmhouse
  • Rustic farmhouse
  • Coastal farmhouse
  • Industrial farmhouse
  • Modern farmhouse

Each of these offers something a little different than the others. And we can help you find your best choices.

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