If you search our carpet store, you'll eventually hear the term "pile" mentioned at least a few times. Not every homeowner is familiar with this term, but it does matter.

Understanding what it is and why it's important to you is essential. So, here are a few facts to help you choose for your household.

What is carpet pile?

Carpet pile refers to the fibers from the backing to the flooring surface. They can be short, medium, or high-pile, referring to the length of the fibers.

The higher the pile, the more plush, comfortable, and cozy the carpet. A shorter pile is preferable for easy-to-clean flooring that lasts a long time.

Benefits of short carpet pile

Short piles are great for a smooth surface, especially with looped fibers. It's excellent in children's rooms and cushions someone's falls for more safety.

During daily vacuuming, your machine is more effective even in high-traffic areas. There's also less ground-in dirt for a cleaner, fresher-smelling space.

Benefits of high carpet pile

High-pile flooring is plush, luxurious, and very sought after by those who prefer comfort. It looks and feels fluffy, but it's a more wearable carpet than you might think.

Benefits of medium carpet pile

Medium carpet pile offers a fantastic combination of short and high piles. These products are softer than short piles but hold up well in high-traffic spaces.

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